What is Farmster?

Farmster is a micro-farming network that connects Backyard farmers with people seeking fresh, locally grown vegetables.



  • Many suburban properties in New Zealand are large (and lucky) enough to feature a Backyard
  • At Farmster we see this as a massive untapped opportunity to grow food more sustainably and bring people closer to nature and community.

How does it work?


  • Farmster ‘borrows’ Backyards to create micro-farms. We plant, maintain and harvest crops across our network of farms, and deliver vegetables, weekly.
  • Farmster delivers freshly harvested Backyard vegetables, weekly, whether or not you have a Backyard to lend!

Where we farm and deliver

Map final

Who is behind this?

Meet Ben and Vicki


  • Locals of Waterview, Auckland
  • Quit jobs and founded Farmster in a rash mix of inspiration and existential angst
  • Love vegetables more than their own children

Our farmers

Meet Eleanor, Penelope and Scarlett


  • Eleanor is new to farming but plans to grow bigger and better vegetables than her sisters.
  • Penelope handles all our customer complaints and tax filings
  • Scarlett farms and eats only sausages

Meet Robyn


  • Robyn’s vege plot in Avondale presented challenges (avoiding soccer goals and fruit trees!) but 20 sqm of unused Backyard is now in production!
  • Committed local advocate, Robyn is pleased to have a working vege plot to go with her mountain of feijoas 🙂

Meet Amy and Jesse


  • High-flying corporate power-couple Amy and Jesse enjoy strong-arming opposing legal counsel and building hospitals for sick people.
  • On the weekend, when not being bossed about by their own children they ponder a quieter life while pottering in the garden… and growing vege’s for us!

Meet Alan and Janine


  • Janine and Alan gave up their front-yard in Westmere and are enthusiastic and welcome early suppliers of Farmster!
  • Parents, aspiring teachers and business executives by day, Janine and Alan get to indulge their inner farmer and escape the kids while watering their cauliflower.

Meet Rehana



Inspired by her neighbour’s vege plot Rehana reached out to Farmster and offered us 20sqm to try and match them!

Thanks Rehana for your enthusiastic support for what we are trying to do 




Meet BridieIMG_0744

  • Bridie’s vege patch and flower garden had run amok by the time we got to it, but is now bigger and better. What a sun-trap! Bride now enjoys an improved view, fresh vege and far less guilt about the weeds!

Meet Georgina



Mother of four, Georgina rents a large property with unused backyard stretching up the side of Mt Albert. Great soil and some large, old fruit trees that look promising !





Meet Richard and StephDSC_0996

  • Richard and Steph’s are the proud owners of our largest Farmster plot… a whopping 100sqm!
  • Steph works in fashion, apparel and bargain hunting while Richard rolls around in polypropylene carpet and insulation all day. Both are excited by the chance to grow sustainable, local, delicious vegetables… as well as far fewer hours spent mowing!